In Boston, future victims of America's foreclosure crisis

  • Producer: Kelly Creedon / Photographer: Kelly Creedon / Editor: Kelly Creedon


  • Location: Boston, MA

    In Boston, Massachusetts, Reggie Fuller and Louanna Hall took an apartment that they later discovered was 1 of the 2.4 million American homes in foreclosure. They live in an apartment with no landlord and no sense of security: when the back half of the house burned down last year, nobody came to clean up the damage. Like millions of other Americans, Reggie and Louanna could be evicted from their home any minute for mistakes they did not make.

    Kelly Creedon is a documentary photographer. Click here to visit her website and here to view her ongoing project: We Shall Not Be Moved.
  • Action

  • Boston Community Capital
    "...community development financial institution whose mission is to build healthy communities where low-income people live and work."

  • Harvard Legal Aid Bureau
    "...the nation's oldest student legal services organization, the Harvard Legal Aid Bureau aspires to be an engine for progressive change and social justice."

  • City Life Vida Urbana
    "...proof that local residents, when active and organized, can significantly improve their own lives."


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